Via Family


You will often hear us refer to our church as a community and family, a place to share our journey and do life together.  Jesus spent a lot of time with people around tables, traveling, fishing, resting, teaching, etc. He taught others how to share life with each other well, and we’re committed to the pursuit of this same passion for community.  All of us were created with individual talents, passions, and purpose.  We believe our individual journeys can only be properly lived out in the context of community.

We’re not just a community… we’re a Christ centered community.  This means that Jesus is central to our relationships and interactions.  As a result we make space for everyone regardless of culture, social demographic, economic situation, age, or gender.  The thing that defines us is not cultural or somehow subject to our likes and dislikes, but is centered on Jesus and the community that He calls us too.  We are committed to being a community where there is no “Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  Galatians 3:28

We walk this passion out in the following ways:

  • Being Together – We love to share life in practical ways through out our day to day
  • Prayer – We love to support each other in prayer, and walk closely together through the ins and outs of life, family, jobs, etc.
  • Community Potlucks every second Sunday
  • special Events (Maundry Thursday, Family Camp etc.)
  • Community Groups – Smaller groups that meet regularly for study, prayer, and to share life (Women, Men, Corpus Christi, Parenting, Marriage, Catechism etc.)