Family Encounter Night Testimony

The Family encounter night was what I believe church looks like (or at least should look like sometimes). It was a bunch of people, of which half were under the age of 10, crammed into a living room with hot dogs, worship music, balloons, dancing, and most importantly the Holy Spirit.   


All in all it was a mess. There was ketchup stains, crying kids, children talking about sparkly things, people singing and dancing, and voices visiting throughout.   


That evening, God decided to bless the mess. We prayed for healing, thanked God for His work now and going forward in this city, and laughed with each other. It was great seeing the Holy Spirit amongst us and our children as we committed as mothers and fathers to pray with and over our children, and to allow our children to do the same for us. It was church in all of its beautiful mess, just without the building and with some party supplies! The coolest part of the evening was that it wasn't done under any "flag" of denomination, but was about leaders from various churches in Regina gathering in unity over their love for Jesus and His heart for this city. 


What a GREAT evening! Parents left encouraged, children left blessed, and the church of Regina left renewed and impassioned to love Jesus and show our neighbors in this great city who our Savior is!                                                       

- Dallas Verity