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Phase One of Corpus introduced many practical, foundational truths about our identity in Christ that I realize now I had missed along the way. I grew up in the church and though I’m sure I was taught some of these truths in one way or another, they never seemed to get through to my heart. I understood salvation only in terms of a future judgment event. As for the here and now I felt that it was all up to me to live well enough to earn God’s favor and deserve His forgiveness. Of course I never would have worded it quite in that way, but in my heart I was always relying on myself to be better. Despite having gracious spiritual leaders, I often felt that my place in the body depended on my ability to demonstrate spiritual growth, spiritual gifts, and moral character.


The beautiful truth that I have come to learn through Corpus is that through my adoption in Christ my place in His family is fixed and I can always depend on His perfect provision for me in every situation. In every moment I can receive the validation of the perfectly loving Father to his perfectly obedient Son. I am learning how He has prepared good works for me and promised to complete His work in me. How He is not interested in how well I can make this work on my own, but in providing for me in my state of dependence on Him. I am still discovering how His ideal state for me is to need Him for everything. The part of me that wanted to be good enough on my own, and take on the pressure of making it all work was driven by the false belief that God the Father only has so much He is willing to give me. That I have to do enough to convince Him to do the rest. The beautiful reality though, is that Jesus was perfectly dependent on the Father and that is all He expects of me. In fact, all that God requires of me is to believe in Him, which means to rely on Him for everything.


Corpus Christi Regina


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