Nico Deschner +
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December 2017

Dear beloved Via Family, I wish you all a hope filled Christmas Season and wonderful new Year. May the awe and wonder of the miracle of the Incarnation, Christ becoming one of us so that we are able to be united with God and share intimate fellowship with the God who made Heaven and Earth, lead us to worship and a deeper love.

In a time of uncertainty, turmoil and darkness, God in His grace sent his son and brought hope to our world. This baby in a manger revealed to this world what God is truly like and showed that “nothing is impossible with God”, who through a young woman who was willing to surrender brought about the promise and salvation of God to mankind. For some of you this last season was filled with waiting, anticipation and at times discouragement. Some are still waiting for the promise of God be it in the area of healing, finances, unfulfilled dreams or desires.

Today I want to bless you in your seasons of waiting and anticipation. May the hope of Heaven fill you in your waiting. May the empowerment of the Spirit equip you with peace that isn’t dependent on your circumstances. May the joy of the Lord, that is able to strengthen and make you rejoice in tribulation, surround you. And may you be clothed in the perfect love of God, that drives out all fear.

It is an absolute honor to be your pastor and advance together with you God’s kingdom in this city, province and country. These last 2 ½ years God has blessed me and my family with rich relationships and beautiful moments of God with and through you. You have been part of God’s beautiful gift to us. Thank you for walking with us and making Via Church Regina your home. When I look into our future I’m excited for what God has and how he will use our community to bring the presence of Jesus to this city. We are called to bring the reality of Heaven to Earth and together we want to discover what that looks like and how we can grow into the “full stature of Christ”. God has great things in store for us all. Let’s posture ourselves in anticipation and surrender to encounter what it looks like when God’s Spirit can empower willing people who want to see God’s reality and kingdom be realized in the now and yet. There is so much hope and excitement in what lies ahead of us.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers in this coming season. From my family to yours I bless you with a joy filled and peaceful Christmas time. May you celebrate together with your families and loved ones the miracle and mystery of this season. May we surrender with the words of Mary: “Be it unto me according to God’s word”, to what God’s future holds for us. And may we experience in our lives and community, that “nothing is impossible with God”.

In deep love and honour your brother, friend and Co-laborer in the faith Nico+ and family.